Thursday, December 1, 2016
FRESH hair 'cuz birthday month

Yes, while everyone was busy trapping themselves in Li Ka Shing Library to prepare themselves for finals, I found myself at Kenjo Salon again :')

Thank you Kenjo Salon for helping me with a brand new hair colour specially for my birthday month (shoutout to the other November babies)! Feels so good to be pampering myself as another semester of my university life concludes. 

Though it may be a bummer that my birthday always falls on finals week... there always seem to be opportunities like these that would cheer me on and tell myself that I can still enjoy my birthday month while working hard for finals. Work hard play hard!

Previously, I had my Olaplex treatment which helps the hair to strengthen, first focusing internally and then externally. In the long term, you will find that your hair will not break so easily and split ends will also be eliminated!

Apart from pure treatments, Olaplex can also be used together with hair dye solutions. This extra prevention will make the chemical even less damaging. Olaplex has amazing uses – you can use it on its own or mix it together with other hair products.

This time, my colouring process includes the Olaplex 2 step treatment blended together with Davines hair colour solutions! It really felt like I didn't even dye my hair even though the colour of my hair changed. With the Olaplex treatment, it definitely did wonders to the after-condition of my coloured hair.

Can you guess my current hair colour? Ash grey!

Always wanted to try something ash-y and I really didn't want my hair to go back to the horribly bright, bleached 'gold' colour after the colour fades away. So... thankfully for Justin's recommendations, ash grey is actually a suitable hair colour that will help tone down the bleached colour underneath it! 

The reason behind this is that, with the mix of the two grey colours on the right (picture above), the final colour is actually pretty dark, while at the same time ashy. The darker colour sort of neutralises the bleach. As compared to a brighter colour like red, it wouldn't balance the colour of the bleach as much as a dark colour.

I was also given an additional after-colouring Mucota hair treatment to further save the hair from harmful after-effects.

For more information on the prices of Mucota's Scena Plust treatment, check out the table below.

Probably the only salon that provides 2 hairdressers to blow dry your hair, knowing you've got time constraints – 10/10 service.

I love the end result because it is so pleasing to the eyes – not too exaggerating a colour but yet still outstanding. At first, my mom questioned, "this colour makes you look kinda old?" but the next day when she took another look, she said the hair colour suits me really well (in the long run).

This is my awesome hairdresser, Justin! Check him out and his amazing works @just_hairfolio :-)

Thank you Kenjo Salon for providing me with more take-home hair products. Can't wait to use these Mucota shampoo and conditioner!

With Kenjo Salon's top class services, they have hair wash, hair make up services i.e. styling & updo (braiding, hair floral arrangements) at affordable prices as well! 

Thank you Kenjo for helping me get ready for my 21st birthday party! Still can't deny the fact that it is always such an oddly blissful & enjoyable experience to have someone wash your hair (hehe).

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Treat your hair right!

What would you do to reward yourself after getting through a week of school? That's right! Pamper your hair with some amazing treatment!

Thank you Kenjo Salon for the Olaplex Treatment!

The Olaplex treatment is unlike other treatment where you can visibly see its effects on your hair. From my experience, I still found my hair getting a little tangled sometimes BUT it didn't break as easily as before. It is important to understand the rationale of taking care of your hair internally rather than simply on the outside. Even though smooth and silky hair will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, having strong hair bonds will solve the main root of the problem to weak/dry hair! With the core of your hair well protected and taken care of, your hair will eventually grow out smoothly.

How does the Olaplex Treatment works?

The Olaplex Hair treatment is a bond strengthening hair treatment that helps intensify the bonds of your hair. It can be used before, during and after hair products or services. 

The Olaplex is definitely one of its kind. It is a bond multiplier that links broken disulfide bonds in the hair allowing you to restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair. It is not a conditioner as it does not coat the silicone. It also not a protein which also coats the hair. Basically, Olaplex is an insurance for your hair that cures your hair internally rather than externally!

As mentioned before, Olaplex can also be used on top of:–

1. Hair colouring (for a longer lasting colour with more vibrancy)

2. Bleaching (dramatically eliminates breakage) – as for me, hair colouring and bleaching are the hair services that I use most often so Olaplex would be used to help me regain strength in my hair again!

3. re-bonding

4. hot & cold perm (improves elasticity with strong bouncy curls)

Watch this video for the process of my Olaplex Hair Treatment :-)

Quote ( ALEXISANGX ) to receive 15% off all services!
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